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If you are looking to reduce labor and equipment costs on your next job site, or just need the best in seed bed prep attachments, a geniune Harley Rake Attachment for your tractor, skid steer, or walk behind power rake is the all around industry leader in power rake equipment!

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Skid Steer Harley Rake

Tractor Harley Rake

Walk Behind Harley Rake

Harley offers a variety of power rakes for Tractor 3 point Hitch, Skid Steer quick attach, and even a walk behind stand alone unit. With several sizes available, you can count on Harley Power Rakes to offer high performance power rake attachments built with heavy duty quality!

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All Harley Power Rake Dealers are not created Equal!


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Watch the Video Demonstration on how to hook up the hydraulics, make on the fly adjustments, and see the Harley 3 point hitch power rake in action.

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You owe it to yourself to check out the full line of Harley Power Rakes for your Tractor, Skid Steer, Mini-Skid Steer, or the stand alone walk behind model. This is really one of the most versatile attachments you can own!

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